LuX Gamers was established on the core foundation of illuminating individuals and opportunities to create a brighter gaming world for players across the globe. With an intense focus on community engagement, professionalism, and state-of-the-art assets, LuX Gamers elevates the Member experience on all levels. With over 60+ years combined online gaming leadership experience, LuX Gamers fosters an inclusive environment of relationship building, skill development, and personal growth. Every decision made is a strategic maneuver to ensure we remain a top destination for online gaming and guarantee a sustainable, bright future of continued success.




LuX Gamers Directives provide a clear expectation of our organizational standards and assist in ensuring we maintain a great environment for all Members and Guests. Failure to comply with any of the below Directives may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of membership and permanent banishment from all LuX Gamers assets.



- Harassment and/or verbal abuse of LuX Gamers Members or Guests is strictly prohibited

- No use of any illegal programs, hacks, etc.

- Do not share your login information with anyone – ever!

- Follow directions given by higher-ranking Members

- No cheating, spamming, scamming, or causing disruption to others



- Members must display the LuX tag (LuX.Name) on web, gaming, and voice servers

- Only LuX Gamers approved media (e.g. logos, banners, avatars) should be used when representing LuX Gamers

- Any involvement that impacts the LuX Gamers brand requires Administrator approval prior

- Members must maintain professional decorum in all interactions with others while online



- To maintain active status, Members are encouraged to utilize the LuX Gamers website and TeamSpeak servers frequently

- If you will be inactive for a period of time, please notify your direct leader prior

- Members who go inactive (without notifying their leader) will be moved down one rank automatically upon return

- Specialists and higher must maintain high activity on LuX Gamers website and TeamSpeak






- Create an account on the website by clicking "Register"

- Complete your website profile and post an introduction topic on the Forums explaining a little about yourself

- Create a bookmark on TeamSpeak for our server (voice.luxgamers.net) and ensure your display name is set to LuX.YourNameHere; ask an Administrator to promote your account to Member status immediately and assign your respective groups

- Join the Steam Group and follow/like/subscribe all LuX Gamers social media

- Join a TeamSpeak channel and jump in-game with Members

- Congratulations and welcome to LuX Gamers! Be sure to contact a Recruiter if you have any further questions or require assistance!

** If you are interested in joining a LuX Gamers Competitive or Professional Team, you must apply to that team directly.