LuX's Third contracted professional team, LuX Gamers!

Wed 1st Jun 2016 - 1:14am Gaming

Team Synposis: Formerly know as iSELLPOWER.

We are a relatively new team with some seasoned players. Some of us have been playing together for about 6 months now. Extremely motivated and determined to make it to the top. We all have lives and interests outside of cs of course, but when it comes down to it, cs is what we're all passionate about and we dedicate our time accordingly. Daily practice is something we look forward to, it's not work. The team consists of 5 best friends, most of whom have met plenty of times outside of the game, enjoy, understand, and respect eachother. It's what makes our line-up bullet proof. Respect.

In order from youngest to oldest, the team consists of Kyle "Kyle2z" Multerer, the younging of the team. 16 years old and the newest to competetive cs with mindblowing aim and a bright future. I once reported him for aimbot if that helps you understand.  Andy "LenNox" Collins, 19 years old. Also has ungodly rifle aim and makes consistant great plays, he cares a great deal about his team and doing right by them in every situation. Don't let him awp though :O  Dave "sezi" Schrage, 20 years old. Probably the most dedicated, active, and consistant player on the team. From epic movement and defensive positioning, to aimbot like shots and huge clutch rounds. Always a big impact coming from him.  Matthew "zeTTi" Kasten, 26 years old. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I'm the one writing this so I guess I have to. My awp is insane and consistant. I'd rather quit CS than back down from this role. I like to get very aggressive and put myself into situations most would crumble in. That's where I thrive. I've played some form of CS for over 15 years now and from Open to Invite in most of the four leagues I've competed in, namely OGL, CAL, Cevo and ESEA. With that comes great game sense and nerves of steel when the rounds matter most. Lastly, Marcus "jamezirl" Macaulay, 27 years old. Has been in-game leading his entire GO career and rightfully so. He has a huge understanding of the game from incoming attacks and decyphering fakes, to economy and opponent weaponry. He knows if they're buying before they do.


Team Roster: There are many roles played by each of us depending on the map, it's really situational and not that cut and dry.

Kyle2z - Rifle/AWP Hybrid - Entry

Len^X/LenNox - Rifle - Entry/Lurk

sezi - Rifle - Entry/Support

z3771/zEtti - AWP - Entry/Support

jaMez^IRL - Rifle - IGL/Support/Lurk


Team Accomplishments: We have attended multiple lan tournaments with a core of our current roster, but always as a pug with not more than a few days of practice prior to lan.

1st @ WindyCityLAN 12.5.15 / Elk Grove Village, IL

LenNox, z3771, yay, d0paminE, GOLA

Didn't drop a map the entire tournament.


2nd @ WIT Gaming LAN 2.20.16 / Aurora, IL

LenNox, z3771, yay, sm0ke-ss, mCe

Only losses coming from the hands of Winterfox (LeX, flowsicK, anger, desi, XP3)

16>14 Inferno / 16


2nd @ MidwestLAN 16 - 3.19.16 / Pewaukee, WI

LenNox, z3771, sezi, yay, d0paminE

Destroyed the entire tournament only dropping one map in a bo3 before the grand finals. Had to go up against a team we had already easily beaten three times the previous day, now in a bo5 for the finals. After our second long day of gaming we we're completely fried and it was taking a toll on us. We ended up losing in overtime on Overpass. Losing again in overtime on Dust2, and lastly losing 16-14 on inferno after having an 11-4 lead first half. It's hard to explain the feeling of that loss, but when you're done.. you're done. It hurt. Fatigue, strain and stress combined with a complete pug and no real strats to fall back on to when our aim was fading punished us. It was however a great learning experience and a loss in that manner will never happen again.


3rd @ Wichita LAN 4.16.16 / Wichita, KS

LenNox, sezi, sm0ke-ss, paradox, tryhard

I don't honestly have much to say about this lan since I couldn't attend or watch the stream. I know there weren't many strats to fall back on as the lineup was still fairly new. In the most professional way of saying this possible, I know which two players are still with us fragging today.


Current Leagues/Tournaments:




Team Goals:

Our main goal is to continute practicing daily as we do and see where the future takes us. We would like to make Premier next season. We routinely only practice against other Main/Premier teams and thus far, when we're warmed up and awake, we haven't had too much of a struggle. I'm a very firm believer that this is by far the best roster we've ever had and am thrilled to continue onward.

We plan on attending many lans in the near future and playing in every possible online competition we can to further better ourselves and push us as a team. This coming Sunday, May 29th, sezi and z3771 will be attending the second WIT Gaming LAN with a few friends of ours, yay, ShoT_UP and MnM. I believe it's going to be streamed again, so keep an eye out if you're bored that day. I wish we had jerseys! In the middle of June we plan on attending the second Windy City LAN with our full roster and couldn't be more excited! Hopefully by that time we do have jerseys so we can represent this wonderful gaming organization, regardless we will be playing under the LuX name.

With our individual skill and dedication on top of our respect for each other, it's not a question of "if" we make it to the top, but "when."




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