Biweekly CS:GO Staff Meetings

Sun 29th May 2016 - 9:56pm General Gaming

In light of the fact that CS:GO section has been mostly empty we are going to start having biweekly CS:GO staff meetings. For those who do not know biweekly means every two weeks. These meetings will be taking place in the “Staff Office” channel in the CS:GO section on teamspeak at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Fridays. I have spoken to most of the staff and this time works for them. If anyone can not make this time contact Hobbs3000, ForestGreen or Kwaiten and we will get it changed to work for everyone. The members required to attend are CS:GO directors and specialists. Although members and recruiters can attend. The aim of these meetings is to discuss the growth of the CS:GO section as well as teams, leagues, and tournaments. Have a good day and I hope to see all of you at these meetings.

Written by: Hobbs3000



John Kwaiten

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