Leadership Team

Leadership Team


Administrators, consisting of Chief Officers and Vice Presidents, are the highest level of leadership in LuX Gamers. They oversee a wide variety of encompassing departments, ranging from Public Relations to Assets Management, and everything in between. Officers are promoted to Administrator based on performance in previous roles, specialized expertise in a field, and their ability to contribute to LuX Gamers in a sustainable and impactful way. Administrator positions and responsibilities are modified based on current needs of the LuX Gamers community and are constantly evolving as we continue to grow each day. Individuals who serve at this level must be extremely resilient and adaptable and willing to take on significant responsibility to ensure the continued growth and success of LuX Gamers. In some rare instances, experienced leaders are brought into LuX Gamers as an Administrator – based on qualifications.

  • hAuNtS

    Nate Shoemaker

    Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of LuX Gamers, LLC | Contact: hAuNtS@LuXGamers.net...Read More

  • RuN

    Andrew Becker

    Network & Systems Administrator for LuX Gamers, LLC...Read More

  • LuX.Citles

    Peter Bean

    Vice President - Asset Management & Protection for LuX Gamers, LLC...Read More

  • Kwaiten

    John Kwaiten

    Vice President - Gaming Operations for LuX Gamers, LLC, I am just a simple guy that plays alot of CsGo and likes to help out as much as i can, you can always come talk to me, about anything :D...Read More

  • Moerae

    Vice President - Gaming Operations...Read More

  • Mamu

    ...Read More