LuX Gamers

LuX Gamers

We are a relatively new team with some seasoned players. Some of us have been playing together for about 6 months now. Extremely motivated and determined to make it to the top. We all have lives and interests outside of cs of course, but when it comes down to it, cs is what we're all passionate about and we dedicate our time accordingly. Daily practice is something we look forward to, it's not work. The team consists of 5 best friends, most of whom have met plenty of times outside of the game, enjoy, understand, and respect eachother. It's what makes our line-up bullet proof. Respect.

  • zEtti

    Matthew Kasten

    "My awp is insane and consistant. I'd rather quit CS than back down from this role. I like to get very aggressive and put myself into situations most would crumble in. That's where I thrive. I've played some form of CS for over 15 years now and from Open to Invite in most of the four leagues I've competed in, namely OGL, CAL, Cevo and ESEA. With that comes great game sense and nerves of steel when the rounds matter most."...Read More

  • LenNox

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  • seziRUSS

    David Schrage

    Hello, everyone. Im the entry/support/clutch for LuX Gamers. ive been playing this everyform of cs for about 11 years and have been playingcompetitivly for almost 7 years. I put massive amouts of hard work and dedication into this game. I take this game more serious than anyone i know. i want to be the #1 player in NA and thats what makes me thrive to be the best. All i can say is i know what is takes to win,i have what it takes to win, i will win!...Read More

  • kyle2z

    Kyle Multerer

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  • JamezIRL

    James Macaulay

    Born and raised in San Diego and more specifically, grid05 under the tutelage of some of the early SoCal greats. Not only was grid05 a solid gaming community but had great people as well. For this reason, I still don the "IRL" tag, in remembrance and to preserve posterity of the many buddies who have since moved on from the gaming life....Read More