LuX Skyline

LuX Skyline

We're all like minded individuals who some are high ranked some are low, but everyone of us wants to get down the perfect strats rotations, and to get a taste of the competitive field. We dont have all our players yet, But im An awper/co-op IGL/Support, Burke for the moment is my other co-op IGL, hes also a good rifler/support and or lurker. The minimimum age rank here is 12 with fuqwaad being our youngest but also one of our best entry fraggers i just need to see if he wants rifler or entry, because i have not seen stitches on in a couple days. As far as hobbies goes I like music I like to sing too, Carolina Panthers football and Charlotte Hornets basketball. I know my whole team wants to go to the next level and be at least semi pro so we can see ourselves being bet on and things like that. We all want to get strats, timing and rotatons down badly as well and we're no strongers to practicing we practice everyday.

  • Burke71

    Liam Burke

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  • Mr_Cream

    Jeff Shuford

    Admin - Recruitment LuX Gamers, LLC. I like to play CS: GO i like to recruit, i love to sing, maybe you can request me to song for you I would be glad to. Im here to make sure evryone has a good time and behaves. I play just about anything that is in my library and if you have any questions, comments or concerns or general ways LuX can improve, please do not hesitate to message me or any other admin. We will take the situation very seriously, because we want this to be a top NA/EU Orginization....Read More

  • Eclipse

    Samual Moore

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  • Hobbs3000

    Ryan Hobbs

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  • Dreams

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  • UserDeleted

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  • Tohnio

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