Staff consists of Directors, Specialists and Recruiters

  • dozer0404

    Specialist - Starcraft 2 LuX Gamers, LLC. ...Read More

  • Zergharizard

    ...Read More

  • RaZe

    Craig Cunningham

    Recruitment/Activity Officer for SC2 - NA.Love games, been playing since I can remember. Got really into CSGO and still play a bit, and my new addiction is Starcraft 2. Hit me up and lets get down....Read More

  • Pitchblack

    ...Read More

  • xHawkEyex


    Asset Development for SC2 - NA...Read More

  • Ryan5920

    Asset Development for SC2 - NA....Read More

  • redman765

    Acitivity Specialist for SC2 - NA....Read More

  • Mr_Cream

    Jeff Shuford

    Admin - Recruitment LuX Gamers, LLC. I like to play CS: GO i like to recruit, i love to sing, maybe you can request me to song for you I would be glad to. Im here to make sure evryone has a good time and behaves. I play just about anything that is in my library and if you have any questions, comments or concerns or general ways LuX can improve, please do not hesitate to message me or any other admin. We will take the situation very seriously, because we want this to be a top NA/EU Orginization....Read More

  • Hobbs3000

    Ryan Hobbs

    Human Resources Admin...Read More

  • LuX.In0X

    Director Of Recruitment and the Leader of the Cs:Go Team SilentFire....Read More

  • kronitte


    Director of LuX LIVE for LuX Gamers, LLC...Read More

  • TheMichelinMan

    Connor MacLeod

    Director of overwatch looking to expand the league of legends and overwatch community inside LuX and to create a more competeative sceen for LuX gamers across all games...Read More

  • Phoenix

    ...Read More

  • Parix

    Nicholas Burns

    Eatin up mah pie...Read More

  • Burke71

    Liam Burke

    Just your average member!...Read More

  • ForestGreen


    ...Read More

  • Mamu

    ...Read More

  • liamburke

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  • VikingSyndicate


    ...Read More

  • efluxz

    Michael Rollie

    Been playing CS for over 14 years and have been CAL-M for 1.6 And CAL-i in Source. Looking to go far in CS:GO. Main AWPer for Team Solar ...Read More

  • Firestorm


    Yo, I'm Firestorm. I'm currently the director of Casting Operations for LuX Live! Hit me up if you want to learn about what Live! is or if you want to join the team!...Read More

  • Tohnio

    Looking for a csgo competitive team ....Read More

  • LuXtheonfiregam

    welp 2 time here im 13 and no im not a girl i sound like one though so i have no clue on what to do about that but yeah...Read More

  • MajorSky

    ...Read More

  • NeedFourSeconds

    Damiano Marsili

    Hi, Im a 14 year old league of legends player. I'm currently Diamond V and love Lee Sin!...Read More

  • Dreams

    ...Read More

  • Crom

    Josh Tyrrell

    My name is Josh or known in game as Crom, I have been in the competitve scene for about a year and a half, and I hope to stay for much longer. I have a lot of experience with esports from my dad back in the day when he played semi-professional Call of Duty, I took what I knew and made a team that I am very proud of and that I can say we will we go far with. Although I am the youngest of the team I can show what I can bring to the team and what this teams means to me.  I only made this team a week ago and I can already see results in and out of game, and we hope to make ourselves known thought the community and show everyone that we have what it takes to make it to the top.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ...Read More

  • Rowdyfrowdy

    Nathan Froude

    Hi Im Nathan and I play A varity of Games Unfourtunately  My Pc isnt Great At The moment so I am left being unable to Play most games however I Will Get A New One Soon So Cheers! I Am Also A Recruiter And Specialist So If Im On Teamspeak And You Need Me Dont Be Afraid To Ask!...Read More

  • mirak

    Karim Godlevsky

    i am 21 years old, and have been playing counter strike since i was a little kid, now part of Lux Invertus, I play rifler and my secondary role is AWP, i love to win, and want to rise to the top....Read More

  • UserDeleted

    ...Read More

  • CodeNamXray

    ...Read More

  • Wolf


    Wolf#14558 Overwatch Mercy Reinhardt Lucio Winston...Read More